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Medicare Part D - Prescription Drug

Finding the right Part D plan involves much more than just picking the one with the lowest premium. It is critical that you compare plans based on your individual needs. Mature Health Center’s quoting tool allows you to input all of your prescription drug information so you can see which plans cover your drugs the best.

What is Medicare Part D?

Affordable coverage for your generic and brand-name prescriptions

Medicare Part D is the government’s prescription drug program that is available to all people eligible for Medicare. Plans are available through private insurance companies and can be purchased as a stand-alone plan or in conjunction with Medicare Advantage.

Why Medicare Part D?

  • Covers both brand name and generic prescriptions
  • Available to anyone -- you cannot be turned down for coverage
  • Medicare does not cover prescription drugs

To find out which Medicare Part D plan is right for you, call a Benefit Advisor at 1-866-800-5566.

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“Our Benefit Advisor was extremely professional and warm and personable at the same time. She was patient when we asked for yet another explanation and walked us through the steps of enrolling in the plans that we ultimately chose.”
Betse W.

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Are You Eligible for Extra Help with Drug Costs?

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2013 Medicare Part D Outlook

Unlike your homeowner’s insurance policy, which probably renews year after year with little attention paid, Medicare Part D costs and coverages change every year. That’s why it’s so important to review your plan every year to make sure you’re still getting the best value.

Are Your Part D Premiums Increasing In 2013?

A recent report by Avalere Health, found that all of the top 10 Medicare prescription drug plans, known as Part D or PDPs, will see premium hikes next year and at least seven will see double-digit hikes.