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Originally published March 6, 2017, last updated March 10, 2017

Morning Drinks to Keep You Going All Day

Morning Drinks to Keep You Going All Day

You probably have a morning ritual, and there is a good chance it involves a cup of coffee. There is just something about that first sip of coffee in the morning that gets the day started. While being reliant on too much caffeine to get you through the day is not healthy, coffee does have its benefits. But, there are other morning drinks that promote health and energy throughout your day.

Since coffee is on your radar, it is important to note the health benefits associated with the beverage. For example, coffee can improve your memory, according to Inc. magazine. However, this actually has more to do with the caffeine itself, because the caffeine in the drink blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, boosting short-term memory. Additionally, a new study conducted by researchers from the Yale School of Public Health and the National Cancer Institute revealed that coffee consumption reduces the risk of melanoma. In fact, drinking four or more cups a day was associated with a 20% reduction in risk of the serious skin cancer.

Other options

Stick with coffee if it works for you — though not too much. But check out some of these other morning drink options: 

Water with lemon: Even you are going to have a cup of coffee you need to get some water into your system as well. Coffee is a diuretic, which means it pushes water out of your body, so drinking more water is necessary. By adding a bit of lemon to your water in the morning, you cleanse your digestive system and give your metabolism a jump-start. The lemon helps remove toxins from the body. Also, warm water will be kinder on your system, especially in the morning, as you haven't taken in anything else. Water that is too cold could give your body a shock.

Tea: If you want some caffeine but don't like the acidic, bitter taste of coffee, then tea might be your best bet for the morning. Tea is great because it can be served hot or cool. Additionally, there are so many varieties. Black, green, red, white and herbal teas are all excellent for the morning. You can also add lemon to your tea to get the cleansing factor, and honey is an excellent way to sweeten it up if you need your beverages to be more refreshing.

There are many options for morning beverages, including juices and smoothies. However, coffees and teas that are straightforward will have less added sugars than smoothies or juices. Unless you are making your juice or smoothie at home, try a beverage that doesn't contain a high amount of additives or artificial flavors. The beverages listed above will give you energy and keep your body cleaner in the morning than something with a great deal of sugar.