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A Video Reminder to Review Your Medicare Plans

Medicare’s open enrollment runs Oct. 15 to Dec. 7. This is when you can make changes to your Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug coverage for the coming year. Because insurance plans can change each year, it’s important to review your plans annually at this time to identify any changes that could cost you more money or improve your coverage. You may also want to review your Medicare Supplement health insurance plan each year, because those premiums also can change.

When reviewing your prescription coverage, be careful to check that all of your prescriptions are on the plan you’re considering. The plans with the lowest premiums are not always the better financial choice. The cost of one month’s worth of one drug that’s not on your plan’s formulary could exceed an entire year’s worth of your monthly premiums.

Medicare MarketPlace®’s Licensed Insurance Agents specialize in Medicare plans, and they can help you review your plan, compare plans and find the one that best suits your needs and budget. A full plan review is a free service, and there is no obligation to purchase anything.

To speak to a Medicare MarketPlace Licensed Insurance Agent, call 1.800.639.0781. To browse plans online, visit www.medicaremarketplace.com.

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