Mature Health Center
September 2020
Here’s What Your Medicare Costs Could Look Like in Retirement
To cover Medicare premiums and out-of-pocket prescription drug costs from age 65 on, a man could need $130,000; a woman, $146,000. While uncertainty persists regarding costs next year due to the pandemic, there’s a congressional movement afoot to prevent a spike in Part B premiums.

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Applications for Life Insurance Are On the Rise — Here’s What You Should Know Before You Buy
Life insurance applications have been on the rise during the coronavirus pandemic. However, while protecting yourself and your family from financial fallout is never a bad thing, a fear of contracting COVID-19 should not be the determining factor for buying life insurance.

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What the Pandemic Has Revealed About Retirement Plans
Over the years, most people heard warnings and advice from retirement advisors about various aspects of their plans. But the COVID-19 pandemic compressed many events into a short period and affected the entire country. Suddenly, the concerns weren’t theoretical or something to worry about years from now.

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Healthy Turkey Chili
This chili is perfectly spiced and packed with plenty of protein and fiber from lean ground turkey, kidney beans and corn.

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