Mature Health Center
November 2020
Medicare Will Cover Early Vaccines for COVID-19
A rule change announced late October by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will allow full coverage for any COVID-19 vaccine that gets approval, even if through emergency-use authorization.

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Four Unfortunate Ways You Could Miss Out on Social Security Benefits
There's a good chance you'll rely on Social Security to cover your living expenses when you get older to some degree. As such, you can't afford to slash your benefits needlessly.

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Managing Your Money in an Uncertain World
The future isn't always predictable, but by taking inventory of your budget and savings as you head back to work, you can be prepared in both the long and short term for whatever may come.

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World’s Best Cornbread Stuffing
This super-savory cornbread stuffing will feed your entire family and requires just 15 minutes of prep work. No need to make fresh corn muffins; you can use leftover muffins or even a store-bought batch as the base for this classic turkey day side.

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