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May 2022
Five Things You Should Know About Dental Coverage and Medicare

Original Medicare doesn’t cover any routine dental care or procedures, except in very rare circumstances, which many people don’t realize until retirement. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to discuss further.

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The Secret to Financial Security? Owning Life Insurance, Survey Says

According to new findings from the 2022 Insurance Barometer Study, conducted jointly by nonprofit industry trade associations LIMRA and Life Happens, 2 in 5 parents say they are barely or not at all financially secure. This is increasingly critical, as most households haven’t prepared for the loss of a primary wage earner.

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A Reduction in Medicare Part B Premiums Remains In Play

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services continues to evaluate the Part B premium, given changes that have occurred since the monthly amount was set last year.

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Ina's Lemon Bars

After a bold, hearty meal, Ina's citrus-filled dessert is refreshingly light and simple. It's a wonderful treat for all to enjoy.

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